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An animated still of a sad-looking milk carton in a pile of trash.

Where does NYC’s commercial trash go?

The Center for Urban Pedagogy collaborated with ALIGN, Transform Don’t Trash NYC, and animator Cole Hannan to shed light on the dirty secrets behind NYC’s commercial waste. This short animation follows a discarded milk jug on its journey from trashcan to landfill, exposing the impacts the current commercial waste system has on workers, community members, and the environment.

A Tale of One Housing Plan

An estimated 60,000 New Yorkers were living in homeless shelters as of late 2015, with many members of the working poor unable to access any affordable housing. For the most vulnerable in our city, the affordability crisis has become a full-blown state of emergency.

If de Blasio fails to create truly affordable housing for low-income New Yorkers, he will repeat Bloomberg’s worst mistakes. As of right now, the similarities are painfully stark.

Instead, as this report shows, the city is currently stuck in aTale of One Housing Plan, and it won’t end well for the vast majority of New Yorkers.

Elite Emissions: How the Homes of the Wealthiest New Yorkers Drive Climate Change

This report is the first in series that will highlight different segments of the large buildings sector and their emissions. This report focuses on New York City’s elite emitters. New York City’s elite emitters live in the most expensive buildings and are among the worst carbon polluters in our city. It is no surprise that without energy efficiency measures in place, luxury buildings will have enormous impacts on climate, especially given their super-sized amenities. Inefficient buildings with heated indoor pools, private fitness centers, and private performance rooms all require energy resources above and beyond the typical residential building.