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Lenore Friedlaender, Assistant to the President of 32BJ, is in charge of strategic partnerships.  She oversees efforts to build strong and meaningful alliances with community, labor and advocacy partners locally, regionally and internationally on a number of issues.   She works closely with Build Up NYC, an historic collaboration between 32BJ, the New York City Building Trades and the New York Hotel Trades Council, dedicated to organizing buildings “from shovel to broom.”  Lenore also built 32BJ’s member engagement program based on a lifelong mission of helping working people understand their rights and become leaders in the fight for workplace and social justice.  After coming to 32BJ in 1999, Lenore served as Director of Organizing for five years, spent 2 years helping to lead representation work in New York City.  Prior to working with 32BJ, Lenore worked as an organizing coordinator on SEIU’s Justice For Janitors Campaign, Dignity Nursing Home campaign and hospital organizing campaigns.  Lenore was the second woman elected as a Vice President of 32BJ since its founding in the 1930’s and the first woman elected as Assistant to the President.  Lenore serves on the Strategic Partners Committee of the SEIU International Executive Board and is on the executive committee of SEIU’s property service division.  In addition, she co-chairs the Thomas Shortman Training Fund Advisory Committee and is one of the trustees of the union’s legal fund and a deputy trustee of the union’s Health, Pension, Training and Supplemental Retirement Savings Program.