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Days after world leaders in Paris reached a historic global climate agreement in December 2015, a statewide movement was launched for the purpose of bringing good jobs and clean energy to New York. Through a powerful and diverse alliance of community-based organizations, environmental justice groups, labor unions, faith groups, business leaders, and other advocates from across the state, NY Renews is calling on Albany to make New York State’s climate commitments legally enforceable, ensure accountability, establish a just energy policy, and create clean energy jobs throughout the state.


The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, passed in 2019, is the nation’s most aggressive climate law. Not only does it set legally binding emissions reductions standards to get New York completely off of fossil fuels by 2050, it also mandates that 40% of state climate and energy funding be invested in environmental justice communities.

Now, we’re working on implementing the law and passing the Climate, Jobs & Justice Package, a roadmap to rapidly decarbonize New York, make our state healthier and more equitable, ensure a just transition for workers, and help create an accessible green economy for all.

The Climate, Jobs & Justice Package is a 3-part plan to win climate justice for New York State.

1. Fully Fund and Implement New York’s Climate Act
2. Build Renewable Energy for All and Create Good, Green Union Jobs
3. Make Polluters and the Ultra-Rich Pay What They Owe


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