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New Yorkers for a Fair Economy

Workers, small businesses, and community members uniting to put power in the hands of our communities.

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The Crisis:

Power is in the hands of too few corporations and our communities are being left behind. The rapidly growing power of big corporations such as Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Apple, and Google over our economy and government is coming at the expense of our workers, small businesses, and the environment. Workers are suffering under low pay and dangerous work conditions while abusive corporations are making record profits. Small businesses are being overrun by abusive corporations. Of the most impacted, Black and brown New Yorkers bear the brunt of corporate control over our communities. When big tech corporations bully their way into neighborhoods with generous tax deals, rents skyrocket, leaving tenants and small businesses vulnerable. 

The Movement:

New Yorkers for a Fair Economy (NYFE) is a coalition of labor organizations, small businesses, and immigrant and community organizations uniting to safeguard our communities from abusive practices of big corporations and achieve an economy that works for all New Yorkers. This coalition includes the frontline workers who care and provide for our communities, the small businesses that provide essential services that we need, and the community organizations that protect the environment and the dignity of Black, brown, immigrant and gender-oppressed communities that make up our diverse state. 

Are you a worker, small business owner, or community member that wants to hold corporations accountable for abusive practices? Join our network of corporate accountability activists here.

What we are fighting for

  • Building local power. Our fight is about making sure that power is in the hands of the many, and not the few. We will not let our corporations decide how our economy and government will function. It should be up to workers, small businesses, and community members that have a stake in our neighborhoods. 
  • Holding abusive corporations accountable.  We believe that our communities shouldn’t have to sacrifice the right to build a thriving small business, live in healthy, sustainable neighborhoods, and work in fair and safe working conditions just to use the services of Amazon, Google, and Facebook.
  • Creating a movement where workers and small businesses stand together against big business. We will build vibrant communities that live in solidarity, where workers and small businesses can thrive together in dignity. Our solutions center on the livelihood of the working people that make up the heart and soul of our communities.


Warehouse Worker Injury Reduction Act (S5081 / A8907)

New York’s warehouse industry is the fastest-growing industry in New York and the most dangerous for workers, but with little oversight, abusive employers continue to put profit over people. We need to hold employers accountable for workplace safety and design warehouses to protect workers first. Through better job design, safety standards, training, and enforcement, the Warehouse Worker Injury Reduction Act (WWIRA) will keep workers safe on the job and make warehouse work sustainable.  WWIRA passed the Senate in the 2023 legislative session, and we will continue to fight for its passage in 2024.

Warehouse Worker Protection Act (S8922/A120)

The Warehouse Worker Protection Act (WWPA) protects New York State workers doing manual warehouse work, including at warehouses operated by courier and delivery services, from the hazards of abusive production quotas. In the absence of enforceable standards on warehouse production quotas, New York warehouse workers  have experienced high rates of preventable injuries, especially musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). By directly addressing abusive quota systems and their impact on worker health and safety, WWPA will make New York a leader in warehouse worker protections. WWPA was signed into law on December 21st 2022. You can learn more about the law in our English and Spanish one pager.

21st Century Antitrust Act (s933/a1812)

We are uniting to fight for the 21st Century Antitrust Act, which will shift the dominant power of big corporations back to the hands of workers, small businesses, and communities. Our current antitrust laws, or laws used to regulate abusive corporations, are outdated and inadequate. Corporate power grows while communities suffer, with no laws holding them accountable. This groundbreaking legislation will shift the power of big corporations back to the hands of workers, small businesses, and communities.