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Five years ago, our city was hit by Superstorm Sandy, more dangerous than anything we had ever seen.  Forty-three New Yorkers lost their lives, the subway system was flooded, homes were destroyed, hundreds of thousands lost power, and tens of thousands of families were made homeless. The worst impact was felt by our city’s most vulnerable: people of color, low-income people, and the elderly.

Today, extreme weather conditions are only getting worse. Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf region of Texas and parts of Louisiana, and Hurricane Irma ripped ripped through Florida and brought unprecedented damage to islands in the Caribbean. While climate disasters threaten communities around the country and world, the Trump administration – bought and paid for by fossil fuel billionaires – continues to deny climate science.

Join us on Saturday, October 28th in a powerful display of our resilience and our commitment to building a better future.

We will call on our elected officials to take the bold steps that are urgently needed.

RSVP now – on October 28th, we will march to remember what was lost to Hurricane Sandy, and to resist and rise up together.

ALIGN is one of the 65 groups from throughout NYC that are already part of the growing coalition working to make sure our march on Oct. 28th sends a powerful message. Help us build this day of action.

We Remember. We Resist. We Rise.