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Demolition Workers’ Plight Reveals Enforcement Flaws in New State Safety Law

As soon as Best Super Cleaning workers arrived at a demolition site in New York, one of the first things they started doing was looking for basics: a broom, buckets and plastic bags to move debris, pieces of solid columns that can be used as a battering ram to knock down drywall; and when the height of the location required it, ropes that could serve as harnesses or lifelines.…

Batten down the hatches for more superstorms

Ten years ago, Superstorm Sandy forever changed New York. The storm ravaged our city, killing 43 New Yorkers, destroying thousands of homes, and leaving hundreds of thousands without power, with damages estimated at $19 billion in the five boroughs alone.…

Maritza Silva-Farrell on leading ALIGN

For the past twelve years, Maritza Silva-Farrell has led ALIGN toward its mission of challenging corporate power, building a renewable energy economy, and empowering working-class New Yorkers. As ALIGN’s executive director, Silva-Farrell has helped shift the organization’s focus towards building strong organizational coalitions and advocating for policy change.