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159 city Walmarts? They’d need that many to compete with NYC local grocery market, critics say

New York Daily News, By Erin Durkin, September 22, 2011. Walmart would have to open as many as 159 stores in New York City to gain a successful market share, the chain's foes say in a new report. Researchers calculated how many stores it would take for Walmart to claim 21% of the city's grocery market - its average share of the market nationally - and found they'd have to open 159 across the five boroughs to achieve that.

Is This What the ‘Walmartization of NYC’ Would Look Like?

Brownstoner, By Gabby Warshawer, September 22, 2011. As far as attention-grabbing reports go, Alliance for a Greater New York’s “Walmartization of NY” is a doozy: The organization finds Walmart would have to open 159 stores in New York in order to replicate its average share of the grocery market nationally. The report projects that Brooklyn would have the most Walmarts of the five boroughs, with 48 stores. Three of those stores would be superstores, 10 would be Walmart Markets, and 35 would be Walmart Express stores.

Here and Now

Capital Tonight, by Liz Benjamin, September 21, 2011. Walmart opponents say the mega-retailer could end up with more than 150 locations in the five boroughs if it follows its national model in NYC.

Walmart Foes Predict NYC Invasion

City Hall, By Chris Bragg, September 21, 2011. Walmart opponents will release a report today contending the Arkansas retail giant needs to build 159 stores across New York City to achieve its desired profits. The report, compiled by a labor-backed non-profit called ALIGN, and a professor from the labor-affiliated Murphy Institute at CUNY, contends that more than 100 of Walmart’s new urban “Express” stores would have to be built in New York City for Walmart to achieve a 21 percent share of the city’s grocery market.

Don’t Get Too Worked Up About This New ‘Walmartization of NYC’ Study

A new study came out today from a labor-backed nonprofit called Alliance For a Greater New York (Align), and it presents a kind of doomsday scenario in which Walmart could open a whopping 159 stores in New York City. According to the study, if Walmart entered the NYC market this way, it could result in a net loss of almost 4,000 jobs, workers would lose on average 353 million dollars in wages per year, and there would be an increase in workers who must rely on public assistance to make ends meet. But how likely is this scenario? (Not very).

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