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Newsletter for the Movement for Economic, Climate, and Racial Justice

With the NYS budget finalized, where do we go next? In short, our job isn’t done. Warehouse workers are still left with no viable solution in workplaces designed for profit and not safety. Half of New Yorkers make far from a living wage, especially when Hochul’s minimum wage deal leaves upstate workers behind. There is no real plan in place for New York to meet its climate mandates.

We’ve made some positive steps forward through months of mobilizations, lobbying calls, and digital actions. Climate bills like the NY HEAT Act, Climate Change Superfund Act, and Just Energy Transition Act passed the Senate. Our coalitions rallied with unions and community groups in the state capitol to #RaiseTheWage and enhance warehouse worker protections. Yes, the budget process is concerningly opaque, but the strength of our movement is clearer than ever. We’re fighting for justice until we win.

Green, Healthy City

With Mayor Adams and the City Council finalizing the budget in the next few weeks, our Climate Works for All coalition is speaking out on the existential issue of our time: climate change. This past month, we held a lobby day to talk to our City leaders about investing in the critical infrastructure upgrades that are needed to reduce pollution, increase climate resiliency, and create green union jobs. It’s a people-backed program. Over 35 community organizations sent a letter to Mayor Adams calling for major climate investments, including investing in Green, Healthy Schools and funding the implementation of New York’s Dirty Buildings Law, Local Law 97. We cannot overstate what is at stake. With the climate emergency getting deadlier by the moment, it is no exaggeration that decarbonizing our buildings is central to a healthy future and our collective survival.

Our State Leaders Must Do Better on Climate

Experts have confirmed our fears: current climate trends point to another smoky summer. The orange skies of last year signaled a new normal for New York summers, adding to a growing list of climate dangers that threaten our communities. The finalized state budget was an opportunity to move us away from the fossil fuel economy, but our state leaders refused to act. Like last year, major climate bills like the NY HEAT Act and Climate Superfund Act didn’t make the budget, which once again delayed much needed action that we need now to prevent more unnecessary climate destruction.

As part of the steering committee of the NY Renews coalition, we shared our collective angerin a powerful statement: “state leadership prefers to protect their fossil fuel industry investors over the wallets and health of working New Yorkers, raising our energy bills and continuing to funnel billions of dollars into expanding and maintaining the state’s toxic and polluting fossil fuel system.” No doubt, we will bring that anger to the halls of Albany for the rest of the legislative session to fight for the climate action we need for a safe, healthy, and resilient New York. New Yorkers deserve so much more than this.

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Tal in snowy Buffalo in solidarity with SEIU 1199 members for their fight to protect Medicaid

Jenille and Lucas tour Renewable Ravenswood, NYC’s largest fossil fuel power station transformed into a clean energy hub

ALIGN staff with Comptroller Brad Lander at the inaugural Workers’ Rights Convening.

ALIGN Staff with Teamsters for a Democratic Union, an honoree at the Northstar Fund Gala

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