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From Buffalo to the Hudson Valley and Staten Island, Amazon is rapidly acquiring or building warehouse space, transforming New York’s industrial landscape and assembling a global packaging and shipping network to rival the world's largest delivery companies.

A primary strategic goal is to shave days and hours off shipping times for consumers, many of whom spent the last few months on their living room couches ordering toilet paper, houseplants or ingredients for whipped coffee from Amazon with the click of a button.

“The e-commerce system is growing by the minute because of the pandemic, but it’s important to remember that there are workers in these facilities who are being asked to speed up the process and work fast so that things can be delivered fast,” Silva-Farrell said.

When a new facility comes to town, the messaging can be confusing for communities where jobs are needed, she said. But many jobs in the Amazon network aren’t stable, and there isn’t any major organization or union that represents Amazon workers and helps them fight for better treatment and standards.

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