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By Mike Desmond

November 11, 2011

The war of words over local economic development agencies like IDA's is heating up again with a report from the statewide group Getting Our Money's Worth.

In a report based on 2009 data, the group says many of the tax breaks given that year produced no jobs.

In some cases, recipients cut employment.

"There's no way we're going to move our community forward if we have 13 different economic development agencies in one county," Assemblyman Sean Ryan told WNED News.

The local Coalition for Economic Justice released the report in front of Northtown Lexus on Sheridan Drive, saying the auto dealer received $536,000 in tax breaks to move across the street to a nearly $8 million dollar rehabbed complex.

"The (Amherst) IDA, I believe, had to break their own rules to do it," Ryan said.

"But they found away around the rules to give this subsidy."

Ryan argues the development agencies not only give local tax breaks but breaks from county taxes which affect all residents.