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New York's economy has struggled during the pandemic, but it could be primed for a boom this summer.

Businesses are starting to reopen and New York officials are beginning to ease restrictions on public gathering places as the state's positive rate declines and more people are vaccinated.

New York was among the hardest hit states in the early days of COVID-19, a virus that killed thousands of residents and shuttered businesses, schools and other spaces where people have gathered.

And as more people return to full-time work, a bill on Governor Cuomo's desk could soon require businesses to put safety provisions in place meant to halt the spread of the virus. Maritza Silva-Farrell of Align New York says the provisions are vital for worker safety.

"Guidelines aren't enough. Vaccines aren't enough," she said. "We're still in a pandemic. We must ensure workers and businesses are protected, and reopening responsibly means having a law like New York Hero in place."


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