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By Roxanna Asgarian,

November 9, 2011

This Piece Appeared in “The Local” Blog of the New York Times

Activists, community members and Occupy Wall Streeters will be protesting at Chase Bank in Downtown Brooklyn tomorrow at 2 p.m., calling on the bank to bring more jobs to the city or give back the city subsidies they were given to move into the area...

The Alliance for a Greater New York, who is organizing the protest, believes city subsidies should be saved for companies who bring jobs and other benefits to the communities they’re a part of.

“Downtown Brooklyn is a great example of how public subsidies should be targeted for public good instead of for companies that don’t use them to benefit the community,” said Kristi Barnes, a spokesperson for the alliance.

Nathalie Alegre, another organizer with ALIGN, said they want to draw attention to the area surrounding the bank, which she says hasn’t seen the benefit of the government money.

“We want to highlight the disinvestment in the community,” Ms. Alegre said. “Right around the corner there are buildings boarded up. We’re probably doing something that’s not right if we’re not seeing the results of that money in the neighborhoods.”...

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