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March 18, 2020

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Governor Cuomo and State Leaders Must Protect All Workers, and Take Action Now to Build a New Economy

New York, NY – Today, ALIGN, an influential advocacy group that brings together labor unions, community-based organizations, and environmental justice groups across New York, released the following statement:

“Many New Yorkers are living in a state of emergency right now as the coronavirus rapidly spreads. Governor Cuomo and state leaders are absolutely right to take action to provide job protection and relief to workers who are quarantined and forced to stay home. We applaud these efforts. But more needs to be done.  We urge Governor Cuomo to expand support for all workers, regardless of immigration status, including subcontractors, and participants in the gig economy. No one is safe if any worker is left out or left behind,” said Maritza Silva-Farrell, Executive Director of ALIGN.

 “The response of our federal government has been painfully inadequate and slow. Americans will suffer because of the lack of leadership from  Washington.  For too long, our federal government has put the interests of corporate America ahead of the interests and well-being of working Americans. Together, we must rip up the old, harmful playbook that puts corporations like Amazon ahead of everyone else, and create a new economy that prioritizes workers, communities, and our collective health and well-being. Far too many workers are vulnerable to the financial consequences of a public health emergency, and the holes in our social safety net are so painfully massive, because the federal government has let corporations call the shots. This must end now,” said Silva-Farrell of ALIGN.

“In the difficult months ahead, we have an opportunity to start to do things right. The conditions are ripe for bold, transformative action to create a new economy that will be better, stronger, and fairer. Thousands of dollars per month in direct cash payments are necessary for immediate economic stimulus and emergency relief for all New Yorkers and Americans. No one should be left out or left behind – because of ability, job classification, immigration status, or age. As we begin to rebuild our economy, the first priority should be the welfare and economic security of workers, families, and everyday people. In the days, weeks, and months ahead, our elected officials here in New York and across the country should be taking action that dramatically expands the public sector workforce and puts workers, families, and communities at the heart of all our future policymaking,” said Silva-Farrell.