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By Jingong Ping
January 8, 2013

Tomorrow, New York Governor Cuomo will be this year's State of the State's message of the speech, is expected to announce hurricane reconstruction work plan. Today, New York City, each of the affected community representatives gathered in the town hall, require the reconstruction process is fair and transparent. View reporters step where reported. After a long political game, Congress finally passed the $ 97 billion in hurricane relief programs to the two new New York State. In the new year, the reconstruction will also become the focus of the work of the New York State legislators. However, how to allocate scarce resources? Whether the affected communities get equal attention? 

Today people from 50 communities in New York and rights organizations held a press conference in City Hall. The 46-year-old Ann Valdez lifetime Coney Island as their home. But since the day before the hurricane hit mandatory evacuation, her memories of Coney Island had already ceased to exist. Ann said, heat and power, two and a half months after the hurricane, the Coney Island community government building still did not restore stability by the flood erosion housing moldy perishable, cockroaches, rats in groups. From Coney Island, Rockaway Beach, Staten Island, Chinatown and other community representatives say, uneven economic distribution of the New York City post-disaster exposed a big problem. They urged the state capital and the city government, should not be ignored in the reconstruction efforts in low-income communities, and help the affected communities to establish long-term sustainability of the infrastructure, to restore economic vitality.

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