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By Mike Hedeen

June 21, 2011

A rally in Irondequoit brought to the forefront the lack of decent paying jobs in the Rochester area and across New York State. Labor leaders and the unemployed are calling on state government to create what they call "a good jobs plan.”

They say the state spends billions of dollars a year on corporate tax breaks with few jobs in return. They want regional job councils created by Governor Andrew Cuomo and headed by Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy to get local labor involved in helping create a viable jobs plan.

"We cannot continue to subsidize businesses over $8 billion a year to create no jobs, lose jobs or create minimum wage jobs. This is real jobs,” said Jim Bertolone, president of the Rochester Area Labor Council.

Medley Centre was selected as the site for this rally because of the tax breaks Scott Congel is receiving to redevelop the property. Some construction workers say it’s an example of a promise that hasn’t been kept. They point to $37 million in tax breaks given to Congel and his promise to create 900 jobs.

"Despite these hefty tax breaks and the need for economic development in the area, little work has been done on the project to date,” said electrician Bob DeNoto. “And Congel has neared delinquency on taxes and PILOT payments in the community."

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