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By Zaid Jilani

Oct 20, 2011

Interested in talking directly to the richest 1 percent of Americans? A new activist website set up allows you to send a message to some of the nation’s top bankers and corporate executives.

Occupy The Boardroom is set up to allow you to send quick e-mails to scores of banking executives in mega-banks like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and JP Morgan Chase. In addition to sending an e-mail to a “pen pal” in the 1 percent, you can find a “best friend forever” by engaging in a more creative act to reach a banking executive, like a phone call, interview, or approaching them at a conference:

The site has posted many of the letters that Americans in the 99 percent have written to the banking executives. Some of these letters are decidedly somber in tone, like this one from a mother who lost her home, oversight of her daughter, job, and health insurance:

I worked for 20 months to save my home. I am divorced after 28 years with a disabled 27 year old daughter. I did everything that was required of me, from the mortgage company every 28 days. My payments were current on the loan modification. They still foreclosed on my home of 19 years and it was placed in sheriff’s sale. I had to place my daughter in a state facility, because I no longer provide a roof over her head. I lost my health insurance of 28 years. I could not pay the high premium.

Other letters are more mocking in tone, aligning with the site’s call for some satirical actions towards the banking industry. One letter asks an executive to invest in a spaceship, much like Virgin billionaire Richard Branson has spearheaded the management of a spaceship company:

Did you know the Universe is over 13 billion years old? did you know that there are lots and lots and lots of earth-like planets out there in the vastness of space? Do you know how cool it would be if I had a space ship? It would be pretty cool. I like space-ships and outer space. Do you like outer-space? I’m just wondering because I figure you might have enough money to buy a space-ship. You know like that other guy who owns Virgin. He’s got a space ship. Why don’t you? I mean if you’re going to steal everyone’s money, you could at least do something cool with it. Like build a space ship, and go to outer space. Then again, bankers aren’t exactly known for their imagination. I hope that if and when aliens come to visit, they don’t meet you. You’d give the rest of Earth a bad name. Seriously, buy a space ship. Space ships rule.

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