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By Mike Desmond

February 22, 2012

Local protesters say dozens of jobs were shipped from Tonawanda to Rochester with the closing of a local warehouse. Tuesday, the group followed the jobs to protest subsidies for that new warehouse.

Coalition for Economic Justice Executive Director Allison Duwe was one of a number of local protesters who showed up at the Monroe County IDA to oppose a $226,000 tax break for Ward's Natural Science Establishment to expand a warehouse in Henrietta.

"Taxpayers in Monroe County are the losers in this situation," Duwe said.

"[The company] would have expanded in Henrietta, I think, with or without this tax break. But no one asked those questions because IDA's, at this point, don't really engage in job creation. What they engage in is dealmaking."

When the Tonawanda warehouse was closed, 41 people were laid off.

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