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By Jose Santiago

May 29, 2013

Dozens of community leader, union members, as well as members of environmental groups and good government groups gathered at the state capitol in in Albany today to release the findings of a new report analyzing data from dozens of economic development programs in New York. The report, called the $7 Billion Wager: New York’s Costly Gamble on Economic Development looks at 15 different economic development programs in the state to identify key problems and makes recommendations on how to improve performance, accountability and transparency in state subsidies that are supposed to create jobs. The report comes as Governor Andrew Cuomo is proposing a new economic development plan called Tax-Free New York that would eliminate all taxes on businesses partnering with state university campuses. Matt Ryan is the executive director of the Alliance for a Greater New York, known simply as ALIGN, he says their research found at least $7 billion in taxpayer subsides that are already being made to businesses in the state in the name of private economic development.

Interview with Matt Ryan from 21:03 – 29:00: