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Climate Works for All

Collective Needs Platform

We are the Climate Works for All coalition, a coalition of labor, community,  environmental justice and faith organizations all working together to fight climate change and ensure a just transition and fair economy for workers and communities. We are in the midst of a global health crisis where low-income black and brown communities are facing extreme threats to health and economic security through lack of workplace protections and other necessary services, and are being hospitalized and dying of COVID-19 at disproportionately high rates. Due to the same disparities–less adequate health services and nutrition, more environmental hazards in low income communities and low wage jobs, increased stress–people of color have been and will be consistently harder hit by climate disasters. Ultimately we believe the only way out of this crisis is through a longer term climate and community stimulus. In the short term, we must meet the immediate needs of our communities, and we must be able to generate local revenue to meet these needs.  We stand in solidarity with organizations that are leading the response to this crisis. We are unified in our demand that our communities are protected and have the resources we need to survive this crisis.

  • We demand Personal Protective Equipment for health care workers and for all workers who are continuing to go to work every day, are vital to keeping our city running, and must work in close proximity to each other.

Action: Donate PPE:  Any PPE that you have to donate to protect our nurses on the frontlines, please email Jeremy Markman at

Action: Donate money for PPE

Action: Donate Money for nurses affected by COVID-19

We call on the federal government to activate the Defense Production Act to generate Personal Protective Equipment and other urgently needed medical equipment such as ventilators

Action: Petition to President Trump to activate the Defense Production Act 

We demand protocols are developed for all workers who continue to work to ensure their safety, such as mandates around testing, safe distancing, sanitizing space, use and provision of protective equipment, including processes for when and how workplaces need to be shut down for short periods of time.

Action: Sign this Athena petition in support of worker walk-outs, “Tell Governors: Investigate and Close Amazon Warehouses That Put Us at Risk”

We demand Housing Justice for All’s call to cancel rent, mortgages, and utilities during this crisis and a homes guarantee for all. We demand the same flexibility for small businesses, and non-profit commercial rents. We demand immediate housing for the homeless. 

Action: Petition from Housing Justice for All Coalition  to Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senators Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, and NYS Congressional Delegation. 

Action: #MayDay Rent Strike Pledge 

Action: Petition from #HomelessCantStayHome campaign to Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo to urge State and City Leaders to Immediately Reuouse and Protect Homeless New Yorkers

We call for Con Edison and National Grid to provide one month of on-bill credit to all low income customers & New Yorkers who have lost their job due to COVID-19 

We call for continued essential maintenance on homes so that appliances and utilities remain fully functioning throughout this crisis. 

We demand unlimited paid leave and fair crisis pay for all. Crisis pay must not come at the expense of protective equipment and safety protocols. 

Action: Paid leave: National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) is hosting the Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund for migrant workers who do not have paid sick time leave, remote work capability, health care, access to jobs, and financial security (U.S.)

Action: Crisis pay for USPS workers 

We demand job protection guarantees and Universal Basic Income so that workers aren’t forced to decide between caring for themselves and their families and providing for their families. 

We demand paid childcare for all essential workers

We demand a moratorium on hospital closures 


We demand access to the internet for all and that internet become a community owned utility. 


We demand increases in revenue streams to fund our above demands and to provide essential resources and care to those who need it during this crisis. Our city officials must demand that the state allow the city to tax wealthy New Yorkers to pay for these essential and life saving programs. 

All protections must be given regardless of immigration status. New York is a sanctuary city, all people must be protected from this crisis equally. 

Action: RAICES Letter Sign On: Release ICE Detainees

Action: New York Immigration Coalition Federal, State, and City COVID Response Demands

Action: Make the Road NY COVID Response