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We did it! We organized the largest march for climate action in history. With over 400,000 attendees on September 24th and millions of others united in actions around the world, the People’s Climate March drew attention to the climate crisis and built a movement between environmental justice, labor and community organizations. What role did ALIGN play in the march? We co-anchored the march host committee alongside the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, launched a field program that targeted nearly 50,000 people in flood vulnerable communities, worked with our partners in the Alliance for a Just Rebuilding to mobilize over 700 Sandy survivors, and helped galvanize over 11,000 members from over 70 unions to join the march. Check out our photo album of photos from the march, which also include some of our best images from of the labor rally and shots of our labor union partners, community partners and climate justice allies. The world took notice, too. Check out these great stories:

Watch these videos from Alliance for a Just Rebuilding partners at the march:

The People’s Climate March created a real political moment in New York City, and is only the beginning of building a stronger, more unified movement for economic and environmental justice.