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ALIGN joined with worker and community advocates to stand in solidarity with port truck drivers at Proud 2 Haul in Kearney, NJ. Two workers had just been fired for speaking out about wage theft at the company. We rallied with the drivers at the Tullo truck stop to protest Proud2Haul’s intimidation and retaliation.

Unfortunately, terminations at Proud 2 Haul are one example of a growing trend by port truck companies to silence truck drivers that are organizing to improve their working conditions. At the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach 26 truck drivers were abruptly axed under the guise of “lay-offs” from the Toll Group – a company that hauls apparel for major retailers like Polo and Guess – after truck drivers demanded clean, permanent restroom facilities instead of the dirty outhouses the company offered them.

For more information about the worker exploitation at Proud 2 Haul, visit the Coalition for Clean & Safe Ports website.