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Maritza Silva-Farrell is the Executive Director at ALIGN, a long time organizer, political strategist, and a movement leader with a track record of winning campaigns in the progressive movement. Her vision is of a just and sustainable New York, achieved by workers and community coming together to tackle inequality, climate change while holding corporations accountable. Maritza has been spearheading coalition building, strategic organizing, and policy interventions at ALIGN for over a decade. Maritza has played a key role winning transformational policies forging powerful alliances that benefit workers, immigrants, women, low-income communities of color, and the environment.  

Her passion for advancing innovations that prioritize the intersection of workers and climate is evident on the boards she serves which includes the board of PowerSwitch Action, the Edward J. Malloy Initiative for Construction Skills, Jobs with Justice, New York Communities Organizing Fund (NYCOFI), and the Cornell Worker Institute Advisory Council.