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Elite Emissions: How the Homes of the Wealthiest New Yorkers Drive Climate Change

This report is the first in series that will highlight different segments of the large buildings sector and their emissions. This report focuses on New York City’s elite emitters. New York City’s elite emitters live in the most expensive buildings and are among the worst carbon polluters in our city. It is no surprise that without energy efficiency measures in place, luxury buildings will have enormous impacts on climate, especially given their super-sized amenities. Inefficient buildings with heated indoor pools, private fitness centers, and private performance rooms all require energy resources above and beyond the typical residential building.

Climate Works for All Report

This report details a platform of 10 bold proposals for moving toward 80x50 that make our city more resilient, create nearly 40,000 good jobs each year, and cut our annual greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 12 mil¬lion metric tons of carbon equivalent. New York City must reduce its emissions by 36 million metric tons by 2050. Our plan points the way to achieving one-third of this goal. Putting 40,000 people to work would reduce our unemployment rate by 14 percent and help struggling families to be more resilient in the face of climate change and its disrupting consequences.