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Testimony to the NYCIDA about Related Companies and Hudson Yards

Nathalie Alegre joined advocates at a New York City Industrial Development Agency (NYCIDA) hearing to testify against granting huge public subsidies to the Related Companies to develop Hudson Yards.  The testimony questions the track record of the Related Companies in honoring its agreements, as well as the NYCIDA’s track record in crafting successful agreements and holding companies accountable to their jobs and other community benefits promises.

The Walmartization of New York City

This report by ALIGN’s Josh Kellermann and CUNY’s Stephanie Luce suggests that Walmart’s likely plans for expansion in NYC would dramatically shift the city’s entire retail landscape for the worse. In order to achieve its average 21% market share, Walmart would need to open 159 stores throughout all 5 boroughs, creating devastating effects for local small businesses, communities and workers.