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Testimony on Wage Theft in the Fast Food Industry

On June 27, 2013, Josh Kellermann delivered testimony at the New York City Council on wage theft in the fast food industry. A recent Fast Food Forward report shows that as many as 84% of fast food workers have suffered from at least one form of wage theft in the past year, such as unpaid overtime and the withholding of legally required meal breaks.

Poverty in New York City

Newly released Census Bureau statistics, including poverty data, show that the economic recovery has not yet reached a majority of New Yorkers. The severe impact the recession has had on our neighborhoods and boroughs drove poverty, unemployment and income inequality to unacceptably high levels. Those levels did not decrease in 2011.

The Economic Low Road: Low-Wage Workers and the One-Percenters

Low-wage work is undermining our city, our communities, and our economy. Employers who hire workers at minimum or near-minimum wages—and sometimes fail to pay their workers even that—too often are profiting handsomely while their workers suffer. When CEOs of these companies are rewarded with millions in compensation and live in luxury at the expense of their workers, the society and our economy pay the price. More money in the pockets of working people would mean more opportunity for them to spend locally, thereby supporting small businesses, stimulating hiring, and helping to create a stronger economy overall. This report will review the status of low-wage work in the City and profile some of the worst low-wage employers in the City.