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City Comptroller Scott Stringer is calling on Mayor de Blasio to commit a whopping $1 billion per year toward retrofitting affordable and public housing units to be more energy efficient.

The cash would build on the city’s “Dirty Buildings Law” that requires energy upgrades and improvements to buildings in the Big Apple.

Last year, city pols budgeted $60 million to start retrofitting municipal buildings. Retrofitting can entail changes to lighting and upgrades to air distribution systems. De Blasio proposed about $300 million for “building construction, reconstruction or retrofit” over the next four years in the budget he proposed earlier this month.

But environmentalists say there’s much more to be done.

“Money matters: without bigger annual city budget investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency, climate change will defeat us. We cannot let that happen,” Maritza Silva-Farrell, head of advocacy group ALIGN, said in a statement.


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