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By Gao Mingdae

October 3, 2013

According to statistics, New York City, an annual production of 6.5 million tons garbage. Government efforts to recycle waste, to reduce household waste. But here nearly half of commercial waste . How to solve this problem?

"New York City, efforts to become a green city, commercial waste handling problem that has been neglected. Wednesday, 'Transform Don't Trash NYC' union rally in front of city hall, called for reform of commercial waste industry, creating jobs, protecting low-income areas."

Protesters: "Green Jobs! Clean City!"

ALIGN Executive Director Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan): "For a long time, and our communities are in New York City garbage, especially commercial impact of garbage."

Each year, the New York City waste generated up to 650 tons, half of which is commercial waste. Transporting garbage truck full of urban run, polluted air and road. Inefficient handling commercial waste, commercial waste large trucks transporting garbage run more than five times the distance.

The Transform Don’t Trash campaign wants to change the status quo.

New York Lawyers Public Interest director of environmental justice Gavin Kearney (Gavin Kearney): "now have the opportunity to deal with millions of tons from businesses, offices and restaurants of rubbish. Using a clean truck, convenient route, replacing the original chaotic systems, transport garbage truck goes in city streets wear to wear to go. "

In addition, commercial waste at breaking poverty in New York City practice areas also inappropriate.

UPROSE Executive Director Eddie Bautista (Eddie Bautista): "25 years, low-income communities and communities of color have been buried in the commercial garbage heap."

Protesters are calling for serious regulate commercial municipal waste, to ensure more effective and more just. They also called for more commercial waste recycling, environmental protection, job creation.

This booklet lists on their recommendations.

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