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Eric Adams Gets a Failing Grade

for Protecting Students from the Climate Crisis

Climate Works for All Coalition condemns the education budget cuts and the state of school infrastructure for climate resilience and sustainability

New York, New York – In response to Mayor Adams’ preliminary budget proposal, Faiza Azam, Climate Works for All spokesperson and ALIGN campaign manager, released the following statement:

“When it comes to making our schools safe from the climate crisis, Eric Adams gets a failing grade. The preliminary budget proposal is a reflection of a Mayor out of touch with the day-to-day lives of NYC students: orange skies filled with smoke, more frequent disastrous and unpredictable storms that flood hundreds of schools, and the hottest year on record that suffocated students and teachers in the classroom. On top of the proposed detrimental cuts to the overall Department of Education budget, this mayor fails to pay attention and take action, leaving Black and brown students to bear the brunt of the climate crisis. 

“Environmental Justice communities, unions, and students have done their homework. To build Green, Healthy Schools, we must first electrify and upgrade 500 public school buildings by 2030, prioritizing schools in environmental justice communities. Second, make commitments to make NYC a zero emissions school district by 2040. Instead, Mayor Adams cuts the vital services needed to protect the equity, health, and quality of life for New Yorkers. Do better, Mayor Adams.”

About Climate Works for All

Climate Works for All is a coalition of labor, community, faith, environmental justice, and climate organizations that have come together to fight climate change and inequality in NYC by demanding a Just Transition for workers and Environmental Justice communities. Our campaigns move us toward an equitable economy,  a resilient, livable and healthy climate, and must prioritize justice for low-income Black and Brown communities across New York City.