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If it were to become reality, a proposal unveiled Tuesday would transform some of the city's poorest and most polluted neighborhoods into environmentally healthy communities, and create more than 100,000 green jobs in the process.

The proposal, titled "An Equitable Recovery for NYC," seeks to help the city emerge from the current economic crisis by creating green opportunities in communities hardest hit economically, and environmentally. Some of its creators on Tuesday called it a Green New Deal for the city.

However, in order for the proposal to be be realized, it will take a lot of funding, at a time when New York City's, and New York State's, budgets are deep in the red.

The environmental and community activist group ALIGN led the proposal. Its executive director, Maritza Silva-Farrell, said that the cost of the plan can be covered.

"The money's there," Silva-Farrell said. "We just have to prioritize and really think of where we need to be putting our money."

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