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Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp”.

But the swamp is only growing darker and deeper for most Americans.

During the presidential race last year, Trump connected Goldman Sachs to a “global power structure” responsible for making economic decisions that “robbed our working class and stripped our country of its wealth.”

Yet he has quickly chosen as his senior advisers and cabinet appointees people with strong ties to Goldman Sachs.

Indeed, the worst of the swamp is seeping into the highest levels of power in Trump’s administration.

Trump is creating a #GovernmentSachs with power to harm the lives of millions of Americans and bring Wall Street’s greed and recklessness into the White House.

But as Trump’s swamp continues to grow, the people are rising up and resisting.

My organization ALIGN is proud to stand with community members and workers in a new national campaign to Shut Down #GovernmentSachs and oppose Goldman Sachs’ harmful role in the economy, the environment, and in Trump’s administration.

The campaign kicks off with a major action and encampment at Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York City today, January 17, at 4 p.m. To send a strong message, many folks are planning to stay at Goldman offices through Trump’s inauguration.

Join us this week and in the weeks ahead to fight back against Goldman Sachs’ harmful agenda and Trump’s Goldman Sachs cabinet, which includes climate deniers and racists.

As a leader of an organization that unites labor, community and environmental organizations to fight climate change and build a more equitable economy, I know all too well the devastating impact of Goldman Sachs.

If you want to talk about robbing workers, let’s look at their track record of moving at least 80,000 jobs offshore, while raking over $660 million in subsidies, mostly from New York, but with some help from New Jersey, Utah and Michigan as well.

When it comes to the environment, they have invested heavily in fracking and expanding the extraction economy which prioritizes unsustainable sources of energy like fossil fuels.

In the coming weeks, there will be more actions to combat deregulation and tax cuts for the wealthy, the denial of climate science, and attacks on civil and human rights.

As a nation, we must fight for all people to have stable and secure jobs with benefits, truly affordable and decent housing, and clean, sustainable neighborhoods.

I am proud to join that fight and do everything in my power to ensure we win.

Maritza Silva-Farrell is the Executive Director of ALIGN NY. ALIGN unites workers, community, environmental, and faith partners to build a more just and sustainable New York. We work at the intersection of two of the most pressing crises of our generation: economic inequality and climate change. Follow us @alignny and me at @MaritzaSF

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