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New York – Maritza Silva-Farrell, a leading critic of Amazon in New York and executive director of ALIGN, released the following statement today in light of the latest news that an Amazon worker in the borough of Queens has contracted the coronavirus:

“Amazon’s warehouse workers have been mistreated and disrespected for years by Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s leadership. It’s absolutely wrong and unacceptable that Amazon is endangering the lives of its warehouse workers in Queens and across the country. Amazon’s warehouse workers are right to demand much stronger health and safety protections to stop the spread of coronavirus. Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s leaders should take immediate action to ensure all of its warehouse workers are fully protected against the coronavirus and other hazards to their health and safety,” said Silva-Farrell.

“Here in New York and across the country, Amazon’s warehouse workers are essential frontline workers doing heroic work to ensure that food, medical supplies, and other goods are distributed to millions of Americans. They need and deserve the best possible protections. It’s time for Amazon to improve and transform all of its health and safety protocols to ensure that no warehouse worker is vulnerable to harm, injury, or loss of life,” said Silva-Farrell.

Silva-Farrell and her organization ALIGN are calling on Amazon to implement immediately the full set of protections that Amazon warehouse workers in New York City have demanded. These protections are crucial for ensuring the health and safety of every Amazon warehouse worker in the United States.