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Maritza Silva-Farrell on leading ALIGN

The ED discusses advocating for workers’ rights, battling Amazon’s corporate power, and building coalitions for renewable energy.

For the past twelve years, Maritza Silva-Farrell has led Alliance for a Greater New York, or ALIGN, toward its mission of challenging corporate power, building a renewable energy economy, and empowering working-class New Yorkers. As ALIGN’s executive director, Silva-Farrell has helped shift the organization’s focus towards building strong organizational coalitions and advocating for policy change.

In 2018, ALIGN joined a coalition to halt Amazon’s plans to build its headquarters in Long Island City, Queens, highlighting the company’s controversial labor practices and environmental impacts. After winning this battle, ALIGN has continued their efforts to empower workers, joining coalitions to pass the Warehouse Worker Protection Act, NY HERO Act, and city commercial waste reform (Transform Don’t Trash coalition).

A longtime advocate for socioeconomic and racial justice, Silva-Farrell focuses on New York’ most vulnerable communities, addressing issues of climate change, economic hardship, and rising inflation rates through policy advocacy and coalition building.

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