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Minimum Wage Coalition Reacts to One-House Budgets

New York, NY – In reaction to the 2024 Senate and Assembly One-House Budgets, Raise Up NY, a coalition of of 30+ labor unions, 160+ community groups and workers’ rights organizations, and business organizations, release the following statements: 

Tal Frieden, Raise Up NY coalition spokesperson and ALIGN Campaign Manager: 

“We are disappointed that the Legislature didn’t continue to build on the momentum they built last year. As part of that deal, the Governor pushed through a much lower wage than New Yorkers demanded and deserved, while maintaining a Republican-era bifurcated wage schedule for upstate New York. Upstate New Yorkers deserve to be paid the same as workers who live downstate, and our government should not say otherwise. The cost of living in New York State is higher than ever before, and with the statewide living wage now calculated at over $26/hr, we refuse to sit by and watch our state perpetuate inequality. We look forward to working with Senator Ramos, Senator Webb, Assemblymember Bronson and all our partners in Albany to end this wage disparity and secure raises for working New Yorkers every year.”

Stan Koniszewski III, Political Coordinator at Teamsters JC 18 and Business Agent at Teamsters Local 294: 

“New York prides itself as a labor-friendly state, but the One-House Budget tells a completely different story. Allowing upstate workers to be paid less than their peers downstate is a slap in the face to the hardworking people who keep New York running. The One-House  will not stop us from fighting for what is right. We will hold Albany’s feet to the fire until they deliver workers the raises we deserve.”

Dan Maloney, UAW Local 1097 President: 

“Rochester has the highest childhood poverty rate in the country. Too many Rochesterians are working around the clock but still struggling to pay their bills. The One-House Budget fails to deliver the raises that families in Rochester need to make ends meet and live comfortably. Upstate New York refuses to be left behind, and are united in our fight to secure the same wages as downstate for the same work.”