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NEW YORK, NY — On Monday, June 15th, community members will meet before the New York State Wage Board during a hearing to call for increasing the minimum wage for fast food workers to $15 per hour. A new initiative called New York Rising, a collaboration between civic, labor and community groups, will deliver over 3,800 petitions from registered voters in New York City, specifically those aged 18-30 and people of color, directly to the board. Canvassers with New YorkRising initially surveyed 70,000 registered voters in underserved neighborhoods in New York City, with 93% of them in steadfast support of raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Antonio Ahedo-Diaz, a retail employee, will testify on behalf of New York Rising, Diaz is standing with fast food workers because he believes too many low-wage employees cannot afford to pay rent in the city and are struggling to make ends meet with current wages. “With rent so high and train fares going up in the city, to make a living on minimum wage is impossible,” he says.

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New York Rising is a collaborative effort, coordinated by ALIGN: Alliance for a Greater New York, with partners Faith in New York, CVH Power, the NYC Central Labor Council and the NY Civic Engagement Table. New York Rising’s goal is to build a broad base of support for values of a sustainable planet and a fair economy, focusing on engaging the Rising American Electorate in civic life and affecting the decisions that impact communities. For more information about New York Rising, visit