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Trump Tower, as well as other big glass-clad buildings, must stop their polluting ways, New York City lawmakers say. The City Council on Thursday passed a slate of bills aimed at cutting buildings' carbon emissions.

The laws apply to nearly all large buildings, but they will have an outsized impact on commercial construction because such structures have the highest emissions. An analysis from ALIGN-NY, an environmental group that supports the legislation, found that just 2 percent of the city's buildings consume 45 percent of its energy.

"These are New York City's largest buildings, over 50,000 square feet in size, which primarily consist of a mixture of luxury apartments, commercial buildings and multi-family housing developments," the group said in a 2015 report. Trump Tower emits more carbon than 92 percent of city buildings, and Trump International Hotel and the Mayfair Hotel are not far behind, according to ALIGN-NY.


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