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By Juan Matossian
January 9,2013

A coalition of over 50 community organizations are asked to take particular account of the needs of underserved communities, New York at the time of carrying out reconstruction work after Hurricane Sandy. While the City and the State still discuss repair plans, the coalition claims that the authorities contemplate economic inequalities and unemployment. And that includes all of New York's communities in the process of making decisions about reconstruction.

Organizations also require immediate help for people who are still out of their homes, without electricity or heat, and suffering the epidemic of mold in their homes. "Live in public housing in Coney Island and we still have a lot of mold and suffer all kinds of problems by Sandy unrepaired "said Ann Valdez, leader of 
Community Voices Heard , one of the organizations involved in the coalition. "Not to mention the repairs have been waiting for years. Residents of public housing took out of the equation for a long time and it's time to be heard," she added.

Other coalition members highlighted yesterday in a press conference at City Hall presented the opportunity to create a more sustainable and socially just to reconstruction. "For too long, development policies have neglected the working class New York," said Matt Ryan, executive director of 
The Alliance for a Greater New York . "The rebuilding plans can be an opportunity to address the crisis of work in underserved communities," he said. A fair model of reconstruction would be the best way to avoid future devastation that has occurred this hurricane, according to the speakers. "

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