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Various labor activists, union members and elected officials announced a new coalition Wednesday aimed at combating large corporate entities and monopolies while also calling for the passage of a new legislation — the 21st Century Antitrust Act.

Amazon was the focal point of the freshly-formed coalition’s ire on Nov. 10, as members gathering set up outside the online delivery giant’s bookstore on 34th Street and 5th Avenue in Midtown. Taking aim at large companies who advocates say can overwork employees for low wages and treat them with disregard thanks to being the only game in town needs to end.

“Our mission is to build strong coalitions with small businesses, labor unions, and community organizations coming together to ensure that we tackle two big crises of our time: income inequality and climate change,” aid Maritza Silva-Farrell, the Executive Director at ALIGN. “It is no secret that one of the main sources of racial injustice and economic justice is the power that corporations have in our country and in our state. Corporations across the state, whether it’s Amazon, Google, Apple, anybody on tech for E commerce, have made billions out of the suffering of our communities. We saw that through this past year and continue to see value in this pandemic.”

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