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By Simon McCormack

April 28, 2011

Walmart is never gonna get the love of these musically inclined protesters.

The retailer's Chief Executive, Michael Duke, was taking part in a breakfast meeting with members of the Wall Street Journal when dozens of rowdy protesters started singing their rendition of "Mr. Big Stuff."

The protest featured "Mr. Walmart" (who, incidentally was a lady) walking around on stilts in a tuxedo. Mr. Walmart was then hounded by a gentleman dressed as Lady Liberty.

The lunch continued unimpeded, but guests had to strain to hear Duke speak over the banging of drums and blowing of trumpets.

"You know your message is falling on deaf ears when you have to resort to trombones and noisemakers over substance and facts," a Walmart spokesperson told Crain's.

The company is making a huge push to open its first stores in New York City. The retail giant insists a move to the city would bring much needed jobs, but opponents have suggested the company would hurt the local economy by wiping out small businesses.

Walmart is reportedly eying Brooklyn's East New York as a possible local for its first New York City store.

WATCH the boisterous gathering:

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