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By Kris LaGrange

October 14, 2012

We will play the controversial ad that reminds America that if elected president – the Republicans will kick Elmo off the air. So from the assembly line to Sunrise Highway - giving us a work story is Todd Dunn of UAW 862 based in Louisville Kentucky. His 8,500 member union assembles the brand new 2013 Ford Escape. Schneck calls in to explain the multiplier effect, we got from Samuel Jackson’s “Wake the F up” YouTube commercial and the Union Safety Tip of the Week is from Sean Brennan of the Mason Tenders District Council. Letting us know how the unions care is Maritza Silva-Farrell; an activist from community group ALIGN who worked with your United Food & Commercial Workers at an action on Long Guy Land last week at friggin’ Wal-Mart. It’s another great show that flows – we will see you Sunday!

Listen to the show at UCOMM Radio; Interview starts at 26:20 and ends at 32:20.