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How New York State Can Protect Workers During the COVID-19 Crisis


The New York Health & Essential Rights Order, or NY HERO, is a proposal for a New York State executive order that would require all businesses to adopt enforceable health and safety standards to protect workers on the frontlines and mitigate the risks of exposure and spread of COVID-19. NY HERO will protect the 2.2 million frontline workers in New York State who have no choice but to leave their homes and report to work in sectors deemed “essential,” and will apply to many more workers as New York State moves to re-open the economy in the coming weeks and months.


NY HERO creates enforceable standards and protocols that must be followed by businesses to protect all workers. This executive order would allow New York State to act immediately and issue the following requirements without delay:

Protecting Worker Health and Safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment: PPE must be provided at all times by the employer to all workers without exclusion. *This order will not lower the standards for existing PPE that the employer has agreed to issue to any work group.
  • Physical Distancing: Employer must maintain a minimum of six feet between workers and will require reconfiguration of spaces where workers congregate. This requirement will also apply to workers who travel via employer operated or controlled transportation.
  • Hand Hygiene: Employer must ensure availability and access to handwashing facilities and provide workers with the time to wash and sanitize hands frequently throughout the day.
  • Disinfection and Deep Cleaning: Employer must clean and disinfect the facility at least once a day. In cases where a worker is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, employer must close off affected workplace areas and conduct cleaning and disinfection.
  • Notice to Workers and Local Health Departments: Employers must inform workers of possible exposure to COVID-19 and provide notice to the local health department.

Protecting Workers Rights During the Crisis
  • Worker Health and Safety Committee: Safety councils in each workplace will allow workers to come together and raise health and safety concerns to the employer. For workplaces covered by a CBA, the union will designate the appropriate committee and determine composition.
  • Prohibition on Retaliation: Employers are prohibited from retaliating against workers who raise concerns or provide information about workplace health and safety practices or hazards related to COVID-19 to the employer or the public.
  • Refusal to Work Under Dangerous Conditions: When employer fails to improve conditions, workers will have the right to refuse to work under conditions that the worker reasonably believes would expose them, other workers or the public to COVID-19.
  • Enforcement: Remedies under Section 215 of NYS Labor Law are available to the Commissioner of Labor, workers, and worker representatives to enforce the executive order. This includes administrative and private right of action.
  • Joint Employer Responsibility: All workers must be treated equally with respect to the order’s mandates, and companies that contract out some or all of their labor are responsible for the mandates of this order for all contracted and subcontracted workers.

Download detailed version of NY H.E.R.O.


New York State must step in as a leader to address the challenges in slowing the spread of infection among workers and within our communities. To date, there is no comprehensive mandate that protects the health and safety of all frontline workers. While outbreaks continue to grow among workers across the country, and despite thousands of worker complaints, OSHA has refused to formally investigate any complaints from essential workers outside of the healthcare industry. Employers continue to be largely bound by mere guidelines during this crisis, and we cannot risk any more worker lives, or the lives of their families and communities. Enforceable health and safety standards are needed now and must be done in preparation for a second wave of COVID-19 in New York.

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