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April 22, 2021

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New Report: $200 Million Invested in NYC’s Climate Infrastructure This Year Would Create Thousands of Jobs

New York— A new report released today on Earth Day shows that $200 million invested in NYC’s climate infrastructure this year would create thousands of jobs.

The report from the Climate Works for All coalition recommends that New York City government include $200 million in this year’s city budget for the following projects:

-$100 million to install solar energy in public schools;

-$80 million to retrofit public schools;

-$17 million to expand municipal composting and implement commercial waste zones;

-$3 million to electrify school buses.

“Retrofitting public schools, installing solar in public schools, expanding municipal composting and implementing commercial waste zones, and electrifying school buses, will catalyze the City’s economic recovery by creating thousands of local jobs and saving millions in future operational expenses,” according to the report.

The Climate Works for All coalition’s budget priorities outlined in the report will benefit historically underfunded communities of color and help the city reach its ambitious climate goals. The recommended $200 million would be a significant down payment toward building the green infrastructure of the future and help drive an equitable recovery after COVID.

“The City budget must prioritize investments and job creation strategies for the communities that have been hit the hardest by both climate change and the COVID-19 crisis. That’s what our recommended $200 million for climate infrastructure in this year’s city budget would do. We will not return to a healthy economy unless we are investing in frontline communities, addressing racial inequities, creating good union jobs, and fighting climate change in this year’s budget,” said Maritza Silva-Farrell, Executive Director of ALIGN, an advocacy organization that helps lead Climate Works for All.

The budget priorities highlighted today are informed by the coalition’s earlier Equitable Recovery for NYC report that identifies a number of green infrastructure projects that would create 100,000 stable, good-paying jobs.

In 2019, the Climate Works for All coalition was instrumental in the passage of Local Law 97, which requires significant energy efficiency upgrades and improvements to New York City’s buildings. The law was crafted and passed in response to a 2017 report from ALIGN that highlighted the role of New York City’s dirty buildings – especially those owned by Donald Trump and Jared Kushner– in driving climate pollution and greenhouse emissions.

“Climate Works for All’s budget demands of 200 million for retrofitting and installing solar on schools, expanding organics collection, and electric school buses will have an immediate impact on environmental equity across the city, from decreasing localized pollution from truck and bus traffic in EJ communities to creating healthier schools. This investment in climate action, job creation, and environmental justice is what our city needs right now,” said Eddie Bautista, Executive Director of the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance.

“The New York State Nurses Association are proud members of the Climate Works for All coalition and fully endorses the ask of $200 million for green projects in the New York City fiscal year 2022 budget.  We know that the investments return report that has been put forth was carefully thought out and put together.  If we have learned anything from the horrors of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that we need to be better prepared for the inevitable global threats before us, such as pandemics and climate change.  From heat strokes to chronic asthma, we have already seen the effects that climate change and the fossil fuel economy has had on our patient populations. This $200 million ask will work towards our climate responsibilities and strengthen the lives of our patients and their communities,” said Pat Kane, RN, Executive Director of the New York State Nurses Association.

About Climate Works for All

The Climate Works for All coalition is a coalition of labor, community, faith, environmental justice, and climate organizations that have come together to fight climate change and inequality in NYC by demanding a Just Transition for workers and Environmental Justice Communities. The coalition’s campaigns move NYC toward an equitable economy, a resilient, healthy and livable climate, and prioritize justice for low-income Black and brown communities.