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Urban Agenda, the New York City Central Labor Council and the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance have convened the Green Collar Jobs Roundtable in response to the growing need for workers with the green skills to make New York City more environmentally sustainable.

Participating in this first roundtable discussion are committed to growing a green collar workforce. All of you bring invaluable expertise and knowledge. We all also have variable levels of knowledge about environmental sustainability, in general, and each others work, in particular. Our objective is to ensure that all voices around the table are heard.

The briefing packet provides baseline information that should be useful to our discussion. It primarily contains excerpts from some of the many fine descriptions and publications prepared by others as well as the Growing Green Collar Jobs report Urban Agenda prepared for the New York City Apollo Alliance.

The materials focus on why this is a propitious moment for green job workforce development, basic definitions of green jobs and the sectors in which they are needed, and ways these needs can be met.