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Sandy Was Something that You’ll Never Forget

"Sandy was something that you'll never forget," says Miny Lasper, who has been a home care worker for 29 years with Rockaway Manor Home Care. As a resident of Far Rockaway near Jamaica Bay, she went without light or heat for two weeks. But she didn't survive the storm alone. Miny's home care client is 77 and is on oxygen because of lung problems. Miny knew she wouldn't be able to reach her client when the storm hit. When her client's building went on lock-down, Miny had to act fast.  She made the decision to bring her client into her own home to wait out the storm.

You Don’t Get Tired When You’re Helping People

Doloris Henry remembers Superstorm Sandy. At her home in Far Rockaway, she remembers the cold and the damp. How water flooded her apartment building, leaving her clothes, shoes and bathroom covered in mold. She stayed for a couple of days, living by candlelight and sleeping on the couch. She stayed only as long as it took to convince her home care client to evacuate. Doloris’ client is 86 years old and lives in an apartment complex on the water in Far Rockaway. A series of strokes have left her bedridden, and she requires around-the-clock care home care. Up on the 17th floor, she was scared to evacuate as she saw the clouds role in dark and scary—clouds shaped like a monster, she said.

Caring Across New York City

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  • August 6, 2013

Over 1 million New York City residents interact with the home care system, either as paid or unpaid caregivers, or as seniors and people with disabilities who receive care. In the next two decades as Baby Boomers age, up to 1 million more people will require home care. ALIGN and the New York Care Council conducted a comprehensive survey to gain a deeper understanding of the experiences and concerns of New Yorkers vis-à-vis the home care system, and to determine aspects of the system New Yorkers are most passionate about changing.

POWER Act Testimony

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  • February 28, 2013

On February 28, 2013, ALIGN presented testimony for New York City Council Resolution No. 1598, calling on Congress and President Obama to pass and sign into law the Protect Our Workers from Exploitation and Retaliation (POWER) Act.